3 Ways to Make DIY Greeting Cards

Hello Friends! It’s been awhile but I’ve been taking a much needed summer break by spending quality time with my family, reading and relaxing. How have you been enjoying the summer?

Now that September is right around the corner, I’ve got the urge to share another DIY project. Today I’ll be sharing 3 ways in which you can DIY greeting cards.



This really couldn’t be an easier project and imagine how much you would save from buying cards at the store! Not to mention that the person in which you give your card to, will be much more appreciative of your efforts. Plus, it’s a customizable project and super fun to create!

The materials you need are:

  • Good quality thick paper. Card stock would also work well. I used white paper in these DIYs but feel free to use any coloured paper your heart desires.
  • Markers (the markers I used are listed below)
  • A brush pen for lettering.

Here are 3 ways (starting off each by folding your paper in half):

1.Striped Diagonal

Using Crayola Supertip markers, I alternated thick and thin lines as well as a colour pattern to create this design. Try to pick colours that will look good together. If you are not sure, try searching for colour palettes on the internet.


2. Striped Horizontal

Using the Tombow Mono Edge highlighters I alternated thick and thin lines. For the thick line I used the chisel tip. For the thin line I used the bullet tip. I picked colours that were close together on the colour wheel to achieve this design. You could even try using colours that are complimentary on the colour wheel for another design.


3. Wisps

I used the Artline Stix Brush markers for this design. I bunched the wisps together and used thick and thin wisps. I tried to stick to cool colours for a few bunches and warm colours for the other bunches. What I love about this style is that there is no rhyme or reason. You just create! You can create this design with any brush pen.


After each design, I used a brush pen to create lettering. My favourite brush pens to use for this project are the Tombow Fudenosuke soft tip and twin tip. If you don’t have a brush pen, you can always use a marker to create faux calligraphy. Crayola markers are an awesome inexpensive tool for brush lettering too.

The advantage of making your own card is that you can write whatever it is that you want on it! It’s completely customized. In these DIYs I created a Boss Babe card, a thank you card and an invitation.

To finish things off, I trimmed each card to the size I wanted. I used crazy scissors which added another element of design to each card. If you don’t have crazy scissors handy, you can create a straight edge or create a design using regular scissors. It would be super fun to add dots, glitter, gel pen outlines, ribbon or even washi tape. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

So there you have it – 3 ways in which you can DIY a greeting card! The next time you are in need of a greeting card, give this project a try. Please tag me in your creations and comment below. I would love to see your creations come to life!


Lettering by Usha

Life Updates…

It’s almost the end of summer! Where did the time go?!

Have you seen the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’? I loved it and bought the books to read.

I’m currently watching ‘The Outlander’ on Netflix.


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