DIY Ready Player One Anniversary Card


Hello Friends!

It was my wedding anniversary this past week and I made my husband a special DIY Ready Player One anniversary card. He’s a huge fan plus my anniversary gift to him was related to it. I got him and our son, matching Ready Player One outfits. So it made sense to create a card that was Ready Player One themed. It’s super simple, easy and only a few supplies are needed.


  • Strathmore Mixed Media Paper
  • Tombow ONLO Mechanical Pencil
  • Tombow Mono eraser
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens (452, 476, 245, N65)
  • Tombow Mono drawing pen (03)
  • Scissors
  • Tombow Mini Power Glue Tape


Step 1:

I wanted to make a pop up card. For the pop up stand, I wanted to get the hand print of our son. I put the ink of the Tombow dual brush pen on his hand and stamped it onto the mixed media paper. After drying, I cut around the print.

Step 2:

Take a sheet of 9×12 inch Strathmore paper and fold in half. Start drawing what you would like to say on the front of your card. Using the Tombow ONLO Swift Mechanical Pencil, sketch this out. This way if I need to adjust things, I can easily erase. Try to go light as you will be lightly erasing your design. If ink is applied over top of the pencil, it will seal the lead in and we don’t want that!

Tip: We will be using Tombow Dual Brush Pens for the lettering. When sketching, keep enough room in between the letters to accommodate for brush tip.


Step 3:

Lightly erase your design using the Tombow Mono eraser, leaving enough of an impression that you can still see where your design is.

Step 4:

Time to add ink and letter! I outlined my printed letters in the Tombow Dual Brush pen in 245. For the ‘Anniversary’ lettering, I used 452 as the first colour. I then added 476, to the top of each downstroke and blended it out using 452.


Step 5:

I added a shadow using N65 to all of the letters. I added a slightly thicker shadow to the word ‘Anniversary’ as the letters are thicker. Using the bullet tip of 245, I added a line on each downstroke of the word ‘Anniversary’ for a little more pop. Last, I added circle details to the background using all colours. Add small and larger circles for a variety.

Step 6:

Outline everything with the Tombow Mono Drawing pen in size 03. This helps to make everything pop. Cut a slit at the top, about 1 inch in length. This will become your pop-up part to secure the handprint.


Step 7:

Secure the handprint cut out to the pop up stand inside the card using the Tombow Power Tape. Write your message inside! You can keep the blue and green colours to help with the Ready Player One theme. I added a sly phrase to play off of the theme and gift.


I would love to see your themed Ready Player One anniversary card. Tag me @letteringbyusha so I can see your creations!

~Lettering by Usha



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