Doodling Using Tombow Fudenosuke Pens

Here’s my exact guide to a quick and easy doodle that looks intricate with minimal effort!


Hello Friends!

Today I am back with another doodling blog tutorial. I have an older post about doodling with Tombow twin tone markers that received interest. This post will focus on a doodle project using Tombow fudenosuke pens. I have been making an effort to doodle and draw more often. As you already know (no big secret here!) I love Tombow products! For this doodle, I decided to use a different pen to doodle with – the Tombow fudenosuke pen.

The fudenosuke pen is often used for lettering projects. I thought it would be fun to use them for something completely different! These pens are so much fun to use since they come in a variety of different colours. Read on to see how you can doodle with the Tombow fudenosuke pen!


  • Tombow Journal
  • Tombow Coloured Fudenosuke pens
  • Ruler



  • Wipe the side of the ruler from time to time in order to remove any ink to avoid smudging.
  • You can use a ruler to achieve super straight lines. However, I loved free handing it as well because that is the beauty of a doodle. It doesn’t need to be perfect. I tried both methods in this tutorial – can you tell?
  • Be flexible with your doodle. You may find that you forget to fill in a triangle or you filled in the wrong triangle. Just go with the flow! This happened to me so often during this doodle but the overall product still turned out great!

Step 1: Draw the First Doodle

To create this doodle, start off by drawing a square in the red Tombow fudenosuke pen. I created the square using two spaces. In the square, draw an ‘X’. Then, draw a triangle within the triangle in opposite sides of the ‘X’. Only do this for one pair of triangles. Colour in those triangles.


Step 2: Create the First Doodle Line

Keep creating this doodle until you have filled up your first line in the page with the red pen. As you go along creating the doodle, be sure to alternate the filled in triangles. This creates the beautiful doodle illusion. You may want to use a ruler if you would like straight lines.


Step 3: Repeat

Once the first line of red boxes is complete, start on your second line using orange. Keep completing a full line of colour before moving onto another colour. I used the fudenusoke colours in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and grey.

You may only get half way down the page once you’ve used all of your colours. Repeat the list of colours in order and keep doodling until you have covered the entire page!


A fun, colourful and easy doodle tutorial! I hope you try this tutorial. It’s the perfect doodle for those times in which you need a low key crafting project during those hot summer months.

If you try this project, I would love to see what you come up with. Tag me in your creations! I am interested to see how your doodles turned out!

Be sure to follow me on the blog and on Instagram (@letteringbyusha) to stay tuned to all of my lettering, crafting and personal adventures!

What is your favourite Tombow fudenosuke pen colour?


Life Updates

  • My sister is getting married in a month! So much to do!
  • Another favourite podcast of mine is Happier with Gretchen Rubin. I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and I highly recommend it!
  • Summer has finally arrived and the temperatures are hot, hot, hot!

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