I’m teaching an art class at Michaels!

Hello Friends!

I have a very exciting news to share – I am teaching an art class at my local Michaels craft store! So exciting right?! I’ve been wanting an opportunity to teach an art class for awhile as I really would like the opportunity to meet other creatives. The opportunity came with Michaels offering an opportunity for creatives to share their talents.


Blog Class Pic

The class I am teaching is called an ‘Introduction to Tombow Dual Brush Pens’. As you aleady know, I am a HUGE Tombow USA fan and I absolutely love everything about the Tombow dual brush pens. You can read why in this article about my top 3 favourite Tombow products.

When it comes to the Tombow dual brush pen, people usually think that they are only made for hand lettering – which isn’t true. They can be used for so much more! Handlettering, watercolour, art, doodles – the possibilities are endless.

This is what the class will teach – different ways in which you can use Tombow dual brush pens to create art. We will go over very simple hand lettering, watercolour techniques, how to create a wreath and how to mix colours to create cute cacti! It will be so much fun!

Sign up here!

To sign up for the class and other details, you can check out the Michaels Classroom website.

If you are interested, I hope you sign up and attend! I would love to meet you!


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