New Look, New Brand!

Hello Friends!

I hope you’ve been keeping well, happy, healthy and safe during this time. It’s been such a long time since I last wrote on this blog. A lot has happened since this time. While the world may be a different place, I want to continue to bring happiness and positivity to the world during this time of uncertainty.

What’s been going on?

It’s during my break from blogging that I finally discovered my purpose for the world. My purpose is to share my creativity and inspiration to share my art and motivate others to make everyday life look beautiful! Through many of my own practices, I believe that my gifts to share to the world is done through memory planning.

It’s with this realization that I have changed my brand to ‘Create with Usha’ from ‘Lettering by Usha’. This journey started out with lettering, and lettering still remains a big part of my life today (you can clearly see this through my planner spreads!). Lettering and all of my other creative passions have merged beautifully into one outlet – my memory planner.

You can read a bit more of an update on my ‘About Me‘ page.


Me and my planners!

What can you expect from the blog moving forward?

I would love to get back into blogging and sharing all kinds of creative topics on here related to memory planning. You can expect to read posts related to tips and tricks, my favourite supplies to use, why I memory plan etc… I want to be able to add value and bring joy to the world with my gifts!

How can I add value to you at this time?

I love to memory plan and want to share this with the world! There is nothing better than documenting all of the little moments, feelings and actions from the day into a memory planner. I love that I can look into one of my past planners and recall a particular days events. This has been especially precious since I had my son, Arjun. I want to be able to share my creativity and motivate others to make everyday life look beautiful – because it really is beautiful! There is so much beauty in all of the little things – the weather, what you ate your dinner, where you bought coffee, how long you went for a walk – all of these little details make up our beautiful lives. I hope I inspire you to create.

Secondly, memory planning is a creative outlet for me. I love to use my craft supplies. Each blank page brings about excitement as the possibilities for creativity are endless! Some weeks I like to add watercolour, others I like to add stamping. I love to use my favourite pens at the current moment, stickers, magazine clippings or other keepsakes from our everyday actions. In almost every spread, you will most likely seem some type of lettering. I love that memory planning allows me to be creative! I hope that will showcasing supplies, techniques and tutorials, it also allows you to find a creative outlet.

Well that’s it for now! I thought it was worth the time to explain my shift in content and branding. I hope that you will stick around and see all of the memory planning action!

Please be sure to follow me on Instagram as that is where I will be posting on the regular!

Thank you again for being a supporter of Create with Usha!


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