My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

Join me as I chat about my top 3 favourite Tombow USA products of all time! Hello Friends! I'm back today but with something a little bit different. Today I am sharing my top three favourite Tombow USA products! As you all know by know, I LOVE Tombow USA and I love each one of … Continue reading My Top 3 Favourite Tombow Products!

Tropical Summer Lettering Tutorial

Tropical Summer Lettering Tutorial

Here is my quick step by step guide on creating tropical summer lettering using the products in Tombow USA's VIP Box! Hello Friends! Today I am sharing a fun lettering tutorial using the supplies included in the new Tombow VIP box. The moment this box was announced, I was super excited to try all of … Continue reading Tropical Summer Lettering Tutorial

Unicorn Birthday Card

Customize your birthday presents with this easy to do unicorn birthday card! Hello Friends! Birthday celebrations are so much fun! The vibe, cake, friends and...presents (heheh don't tell anyone I said that!). When gifting a birthday present I always like to think about how I can personalize the gift. One way to do so is … Continue reading Unicorn Birthday Card